Product Spotlight - Shur-Flex Delineators

The Shur-Flex® Driveable Delineator’s multi-hit, self-righting, omni-directional impact design utilizes Shur-Tite’s proven Sq2Rd insert. Its easy installation, durability and quick post replacement make it a great option for long tem maintenance cost savings.

The driveable delineator is comprised of three components, allowing for easy change-out of any one part, if necessary. These components include an anchor, joint, and post.

·         The anchor system utilizes 2” x 12ga non-proprietary galvanized steel perforated tubing which can be supplied in a variety of lengths to accommodate different soil types. The versatility of the square tubing anchor also allows for easy placement into concrete to assure long-term stable installations in extreme situations that see constant, recurring impacts.

·         The flexible joint component is a one piece, nonmetallic, molded, square to round design, assuring long-life in severe corrosive environments.

·         The posts are manufactured of no less than 70% recycled materials. The top of the post is permanently sealed and partially flattened, transitioning to round, which affords 360 degree visibility. Flattening the post allows for application of a 3”x12” piece of reflective sheeting. The heavier wall thickness of the post provides enough structural integrity to prevent collapse during storms or high wind.

·         Special tools are not required for replacement of post or flexible joint. If required, post replacement takes less than 60 seconds, minimizing workers’ exposure to traffic.

Posts are available in white, yellow, orange, green, black or grey, in 48”, 54” or 60” lengths. Reflective sheeting is available in High Intensity or Diamond grade, in a variety of sizes and color. Contact your Midwest Service sales representative today for pricing or additional information.