Get the Edge with New Grader Blades

When it comes to grading, Midwest Service and Sales Co carries blades for any road condition.

Standard Carbon Blades

Our double beveled, curved grader blades are available in stock sizes of 6” or 8” width, or you can custom order specialty blades in 10”, 13” or even 16” wide. The curved shape of the blade results in better material flow when used on graders and underbody plows. Standard carbon blades average 100 hours of use, in the right conditions, making them an economical choice for standard usage.

Heat Treated Blades

Upgrading to a heat-treated blade will increase blade wear by 30-40% over standard carbon, with only a slight increase in cost. Heat treated blades are manufactured from Boron Steel and through hardened to a hardness of 421 to 512 Brinell, compared to 250 to 320 Brinell for high carbon steel.

Curved carbide grader blades with surface protection are a superior choice for low impact, high abrasion applications. Tungsten carbide insert blades have an extremely long wear life, averaging 1,200 to 1,400 hours, depending on conditions, and result in reduced downtime due to blade changes. They provide an excellent resistance to crowning for applications that require a level grading operation.