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We handle a wide variety of grader cutting edges from Black Cat blades. Our blades include

  • Standard or Serrated edges
  • Heat Treated or High Carbon Steel
  • 6" & 8" Double Beveled Curved
  • 8", 10", 13" & 16" Double Beveled Flat
  • Other sizes also available

Our loader bucket edges will either weld-on or bolt-on.

  • Standard or Custom Designs
  • Weld-on Base edges -- Straight and Spade Nose
  • Bolt-on Edges and Segments
  • Wrap around edges
  • Carbide Impregnation Available

We handle Cutting Edges for all makes of bulldozers.

  • Standard or Custom Designs
  • Hot Cupped, Level Cut, or Flat Fabricated End Bits
  • Dozer Blade Supports

We also have available the hardware necessary to install and use the grader blades.

Our blades are manufactured by

They can also be reached at sales@blackcatblades.com


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